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  Welcome to TheIslamabad.net


TheIslamabad.net is the first online information center about Islamabad, which is a beautiful city and capital of Pakistan with estimated population of 524,500 geographically located at North East of its sister city Rawalpindi. There are all the facilities of modern life, which are at your desktop now with the access of TheIslamabad.net. Islamabad has the privilege of perfect atmosphere and geographical position, which makes it more attractive for the tourists.

As it is properly planned and well constructed city of the country so it is also grooming in real estate, education, infrastructure, telecom sector, road safety, fashion industry, services industry, IT industry and human resource department. Therefore, life here is very enjoyable.

TheIslamabad.net is well known for IT solutions. There are numerous software houses, which are giving significant amount of revenue to government, and paying their pivotal role in the economic growth of the country TheIslamabad.net is one of them. TheIslamabad.net and other IT institution and software houses along with other government and private sectors departments are giving jobs to youth and educated class of country and thus minimizing joblessness, and poverty in the country and improving the GDP. TheIslamabad.net deals with Selling a Car or Buying a Car, a plot or property in Islamabad and to know about different Hotels, Places, Resorts, Business, Building, Government, Financial and Educational Institutions, in Islamabad sitting at your home or office with utmost ease.

  Home | About Islamabad | Real Estate | Businesses | Rental Services | Tourism | Contact Information
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